Wordpress feed not validating

With an RSS feed you can have your content display on twitter, facebook and even google plus (with a little help from tools like hootsuite).

So let’s get started and see how we can get an RSS feed working on your Word Press site.

I noticed on a client site that the RSS feed had a problem and was displaying a validation error, not validating when I tried to check them at I would get this validation error: It seems that there were extra spaces before the XML declarations in the feed XML file.

There were tons of suggestions for fixes using plugins and ‘fix’ files, but none of them worked for me.

There’s nothing worse than Googling for what seems like hours for a what should be a simple answer to a simple problem.

It happened to me today, so I hope this helps others from the same needless fate.

A lot of podcast RSS feed problems are related to validation problems.

Podcast directories will begin to update your listings less frequently due to the excessive size.

For example, the popular feed hosting service Feed Burner will not accept feeds that exceed 512K in size.

If you haven’t then you probably won’t find this post very useful, if you have then continue reading for some great tips on getting your RSS feed working.

The core cause is the globally unique identifier (GUID) in every item/episode of an RSS feed. Your written i Tunes reviews encourage me and they help other people find the podcast.

If that GUID changes, RSS clients and podcast apps will think that is a new post. If you appreciate the podcasting information I share, please write your own review on i Tunes or Stitcher!


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