Validating auto blood pressure monitors

Sorcerer is GLP and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant and has been validated by industry in laboratories worldwide. I think with the amount of use it’s had over the past year, I’d have been throttled a long time ago if they’d had to do it all manually!” Team leader, Biotech Company, UK Sorcerer uses a high quality industrial camera to relay a live digital video image to the computer screen.Different software configurations can be optimised for each application, e.g. Each configuration includes system settings such as type of illumination, detection sensitivity and object classification.Sorcerer can automatically separate touching colonies and can classify or remove objects by size or shape, helping ensure only the objects you want to evaluate are identified.You can even trigger measurements from within an Excel workbook.The ASU Lodestar Center Job Board has become the “go-to” resource for nonprofit sector and social sector professionals looking for new opportunities and employment.Job submissions must be from organizations recognized officially by the IRS as tax-exempt, nonprofits.Job submissions must be from organizations recognized officially by the IRS as tax-exempt nonprofits, or that currently do business with or for nonprofit organizations.

The combination of sophisticated image processing and a wide range of plate lighting options make Sorcerer an excellent and adaptable choice for your colony counting needs.

Sorcerer’s Excel Live Link lets you transfer data and run Excel macros with every measurement.

Tables and graphs can be updated automatically in real time following each measurement.

A wrist device may fulfil the accuracy criteria of a validation protocol when strict attention is paid to having the wrist at heart level but in home use this may not happen and as a consequence the measurement can become inaccurate.

For this reason validated upper arm devices are recommended in preference to wrist devices.


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