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On Tuesday, Yoshiki appeared at a Tokyo press conference in sunglasses, a black leather outfit and the neck brace.“I’ve thought about it and I have to say that headbanging is no good,” he says, drawing laughter from fans.In January, Yoshiki played the piano at New York’s Carnegie Hall with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, but he had already lost feeling in his left hand.“It feels as if tens of thousands of volts of electricity are running through my hand,” he said earlier in the year.And now, finally, 20 years after the release of their last album , the band's triumphant but emotional reunion, the influence of Prince on X's visual kei aesthetic and what to expect from X Japan's first new album in 20 years. Yoshiki: My agent from WME, Marc Geiger, and I have been talking about the film for several years; actually, it was his idea.He knew the X Japan story was crazy and very dramatic, so he kind of told me to create the film.“I have to say to something to my country: When you're sitting there, wherever you are, in a dark room, suffering with the pain, there's still no one. ISIS beheaded two Japanese nationals —freelance reporter and videographer Kenji Goto and self-styled security consultant Haruna Yukawa—in 2015 after accusing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of participating in the United States-led coalition against the group.

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, which features a superhero based on Yoshiki (developed with Stan Lee); there's a mournful, very human-size vulnerability to X Japan's career and to music.Following the executions, Japan confiscated the passport of another journalist planning to travel to Syria to cover the war, citing security concerns.Japan’s Kyodo news agency cited an unnamed source claiming to be a Nusra Front mediator who said that Yasuda would be passed to ISIS if Tokyo did not negotiate his release, according to the BBC.A neurosurgeon in Japan had told the rocker he had such severe neck damage that it would have forced a professional rugby player to retire, his management said in May. X Japan combined the power of arena metal with the glam androgyny of David Bowie, and won legions of devoted fans ranging from screaming teenage girls to Japan’s former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi.Yoshiki, who is also a classical pianist, says he plans to play the piano instead of drums at X Japan concerts next month.The frenzied drummer behind rockers X Japan declared headbanging to be “no good” yesterday, while sporting a neck brace at his first press conference since emergency surgery.


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