Is hunter hayes dating someone

Back then, no one really knew who Libby was and Hunter kept their relationship super private.But, he couldn't hide his love for her any longer and they actually showed up together at the 2014 CMA Awards. Not only did Hunter have a secret girlfriend but he was now walking a red carpet with her at a huge awards show.

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We just promised to each other that we’re gonna make time and commit to being with each other. Rush is never a good word for anything, but I know my heart’s happy, and I hope she’s as happy as I am." Okay, best boyfriend award goes to Hunter Hayes! After hearing all of this we have a feeling that these two are in it for the long run.

Hunter posted a photo of him and Libby for her birthday and wrote the message, "She is incredible.

She is love, patience, strength, kindness, happiness, beauty and a blessing to anyone who's lucky enough to know her. " RELATED: 10 Celebrities Who Never Went to Prom However, Hunter isn't the only one in this relationship who has a way with words.

Country star Hunter Hayes and his girlfriend Libby Barnes are simply adorable together.

They are one of the more stable couples in the entertainment industry and we can't help but love their relationship.


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