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I can count the number of times me and this guy had sex (2 times) before my world completely flipped upside down.

Well God took it upon himself to bring me out of that terrible relationship and I am forever grateful for that.

“I am one of the people within government that made 22 000 young men and women of this country to wait for long hours in the sun with hope they would get jobs when we knew we already had our people listed somewhere for the police jobs,” he said in an interview with the Moleleki seems to be gathering everything and anything to portray government as bad as he could but the fact of the matter is that he cannot provide proof of what he is saying.

“For a person of his stature, who was a Police minister, he should know that he should provide evidence, especially for allegations as serious as this.” And yesterday, LEPOSA Secretary-General, Inspector Moraleli Motloli said it was necessary for Commissioner Letsoepa to comment on the allegations “so as to avoid further damage to the institution’s reputation”.

“The Commissioner’s competency and that of his advisory board (Commissioner’s Advisory Board) are questionable and at stake.

The police can’t be used as a political tool,” Inspector Motloli said.


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