Free live six video chat

Too many of us still rely on traditional telephone conversations to conduct business remotely.

Although convenient, the phone limits collaboration. Video communication, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to talk directly with the people who matter most without missing all of those non-verbal cues that mean so much.

Facebook today announced that its Messenger app is now capable of performing group video calls with up to 50 participants.

For the first six participants, the app will stream everyone’s camera feed to one another in a grid-like view.

There is a wide variety of options for organizations looking to use video calling on PCs, smartphones, and web browsers.

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There are so many free video-sharing sites online, you never know where a video might get posted.

With video cameras on just about every phone, your privacy is at stake pretty much everywhere.

Never share a video while sleep deprived or not in a sound frame of mind.

Employees are often expected to be accessible via multiple channels, including email, phone, social media, text message, and video.


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