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There is ample evidence that Harry, born September 15th 1984, was conceived over Christmas 1983, which the Royal Family then spent at Windsor before travelling on to Sandringham for the annual shoots on the estate. The idea that Major Hewitt managed to scale the ramparts of Windsor Castle to impregnate the Princess of Wales is beyond ridiculous.

We've explored which couple would be the best to third wheel with, and what conversations between Blue Ivy and North West would be.

While plenty of people pine for the love that Leo had with BFF Kate Winslet in Titanic (and sort of wish that they would get together IRL), the 42-year-old isn't really doing anything wrong with sowing his oats — just look at his fellow former Hollywood bachelor George Clooney, who definitely landed a catch when he married wife Amal in 2014.

Leo himself revealed in an interview last year that marriage "will come when that time comes," adding, "You can't plan it.

Check out who else leaped out of fashion bounds (below)!

We, using very scientific and reliable sources (ie: our imagination), have figured out exactly what all our favorite celebrity couple's children will look like.

thankful for the beautiful internet, so we can spend hours scrolling through these people’s feeds instead of running errands, working, (insert thing we don’t want to do here).

Here are 19 of the most separated-at-birth celeb/non-famous-person pairs that still have us staring with our mouths agape.

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Ashley Tisdale is wondering that, too, but apparently she thinks it's This is wild!!!


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